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Think with your hands! Using Lego to capture user requirements

Session Leader Name(s): Ellen Grove Duration (30, 60, 90): 60 minutes (though easily extended to 90!) Audience Level (New/Novice, Experienced, Expert): Anyone Session Style (Presentation, Workshop, Interview, Panel, Game): Workshop Description of Session: Let your hands be the search engine for your brain! LEGO Serious Play is a powerful thinking, communicating and problem solving technique that can help you and ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Ellen Grove


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Self Organize From the Start: The Power of Self-Selecting Teams

Audience Level: Experienced Session Style: Combination of lecture and workshop Agile expects teams to be self-organizing, but what often happens is the membership of the teams is chosen by management, usually based only on skills, without regard for the personalities and values of the individuals. We believe that the most effective way to start teams down the path of self-organization is to allow the teams to choose ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Shawn Button, Chris Farrell

Proposed Duration : between 60 and 90 minutes


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