Wave 1

Journey to Agility: Leading a Transformation

Session Leader Name(s): Skip Angel Duration (30, 60, 90) — 90 Minutes Audience Level — Experienced is best, but even those that are relatively new can benefit. Session Style — Combination of presentation and group discussion Description/Outline: How far can you take Agile within an organization? Is it enough to just focus on Agile team practices like Scrum and XP or is something more needed? Agile is much more than ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Skip Angel


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Wave 2

Patterns for Splitting User Stories

Duration (30, 60, 90): 60 or 90 minutes, depending on how much time we want to spend practicing splitting stories or even applying the patterns to participant's real stories Audience Level (New/Novice, Experienced, Expert): Any - The only assumption is some familiarity with user stories. I've used these patterns with new and experienced teams to good effect. And even experts have told me it gives them a new way to think ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Richard Lawrence


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Wave 1

Garbage In, Gorilla Out- Start with "knowing" before "Doing"

Duration: 60 Minutes Audience Level: Intermediate Session Type: Presentation with audience participation examples. Who should attend?: Anyone who is helping to define a product before the work starts will benefit from this session. This is not just a tool for the PO, but for all that the PO would interact with. What will you get out of this?: Clear and actionable excercises for each stage of the evolution of a ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Joel Bancroft-Connors


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