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2 days, 40 People and a Bus: Lean Startup + Lean Software

Duration (30, 60, 90) — 60 minutes Audience Level — Anyone interested in learning about one organization’s attempt to throw lean product people and lean startup people into a massive jumble to see what comes out Session Style — Presentation For 5 years we’ve put our money where our agile mouth’s have been. We have a 37 year old, multi-million dollar business to protect and grow, and we’re convinced that agile and lean ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Simon Marcus

Proposed Duration : between 30 and 60 minutes


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Psychology of Kanban

In Lean Project Management or Lean Startups or Agile, it's important that everyone knows what is going on, how they fit into that picture, who is doing what, and how much work people can handle. If there is uncertainty in the group, it reflects in the project and morale. If people are overloaded quality and human relationships suffer immediately. Jim Benson, author of Personal Kanban, will discuss how visualizing work ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Jim Benson


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Wave 2

Avoiding silos in your whole-team kanban.

Session Leader Name: Adam Yuret Duration: 45 minutes Audience Level: Experienced Session Style: Presentation\Discussion Description of Session: Adopting Kanban as a team can result in many benefits. But once we begin creating swim-lanes through which work passes we introduce a risk of enforcing functional silos. When "done" means "Coded and ready for the QA team" you can inadvertently create an overloaded bottleneck that ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Adam Yuret


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