Wave 1

Cynefin Lego Game

A game to let you explore four of the five domains of Dave Snowden’s Cynefin framework. Using Lego, you go through four exercises where the problem to solve and the context you work in is designed to mirror a simple, complicated, complex and chaotic system. While it does not introduce you to the full potential of the sense-making framework, it is well suited to get a first impression and raise interest in learning more ...more »

Submitted by (@dave00)

Session Leader Name(s) : Dave Sharrock


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Wave 4

Understanding TDD and Refactoring with Lego

Audience Requirement: People interested in Test Driven Design/Development or just having fun learning. Audience Level: No previous TDD or Lego experience required. Session Style: Workshop Description: In this session we will learn the basics of Test Driven Design/Development (TDD) through the use of Lego. We will create failing tests, make them pass and then refactor. We won't be writing software, we will be using ...more »

Submitted by (@bryan0)

Session Leader Name(s) : Bryan Beecham

Proposed Duration : between 60 and 90 minutes


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