Wave 3

2 days, 40 People and a Bus: Lean Startup + Lean Software

Duration (30, 60, 90) — 60 minutes Audience Level — Anyone interested in learning about one organization’s attempt to throw lean product people and lean startup people into a massive jumble to see what comes out Session Style — Presentation For 5 years we’ve put our money where our agile mouth’s have been. We have a 37 year old, multi-million dollar business to protect and grow, and we’re convinced that agile and lean ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Simon Marcus

Proposed Duration : between 30 and 60 minutes


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Wave 2

Lean Startup Thinking

Session Leader Name: David J Bland Duration: 90 minutes Audience Level: Experienced Session Style: Panel Description of Session: The Lean Startup movement is creating ripples throughout the agile community. While you can decompose Lean Startup into Customer Development + Extreme Programming, it is greater than the sum of its parts. In this experiential presentation we will speak to how Lean Startup Thinking is changing ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : David J Bland, Mark Cook, Joshua Kerievsky, Steve Blank, William Pietri


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