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Session Leader Name(s): Joe Generic and Tina Terrific Duration (30, 60, 90): 45-60 minutes Audience Level: New/Novice, Experienced, Expert Session Style (Presentation, Workshop, Interview, Panel, Game): Workshop Description of Session: In this session, we will work on how to best create compelling titles for sessions that will be given at Agile conferences. We will start with evaluating existing titles of sessions ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Joe Generic and Tina Terrific


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Lean in the Law Firm

How many law firms can you say have displayed lean or agile principles? What would you say if you saw Lean principles and Agile values being displayed at your lawyers office - with stickies on the wall and teams of lawyers, legal secretaries, and senior partners all around a whiteboard "storming" on a case to help them win? Well this is my reality. Having left a large company doing Scrum across their 10 software teams ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Stephen Reed

Proposed Duration : up to 30 minutes


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