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Journey to Agility: Leading a Transformation

Session Leader Name(s): Skip Angel Duration (30, 60, 90) — 90 Minutes Audience Level — Experienced is best, but even those that are relatively new can benefit. Session Style — Combination of presentation and group discussion Description/Outline: How far can you take Agile within an organization? Is it enough to just focus on Agile team practices like Scrum and XP or is something more needed? Agile is much more than ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Skip Angel


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Lessons Learned: Being Agile in a Waterfall World

Session Leader Name(s): Philip Japikse Duration (30, 60, 90): 60 or 90 minutes Audience Level (New/Novice, Experienced, Expert): Experienced Session Style (Presentation, Workshop, Interview, Panel, Game): Presentation Description of Session: Scrum and XP have found a strong following in the development community. But most non-development groups (such as Web Administrators, Production Support, Security, Testing, ...more »

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Session Leader Name(s) : Philip Japikse


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