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Simple Design Applied

Additional Topic Description: Increase productivity through effective naming


Duration: 90 minutes


Audience Level: Experienced


Session Style: Presentation/Workshop


Description of Session:


Many organizations invest considerably in change initiatives for improving software quality and team productivity. However, many change initiatives overlook that developers spend as much as 70% of their time reading and understanding code.


The best place to start improving the understandability and readability of code is to learn how to choose good names. This has high value and low risk, no special tools are required, and you can start now.


This will be a highly collaborative workshop where you share your insights and learn from others through reviewing real code.


Session Leader 's Background:


Declan is an agile developer and coach with a passion for writing simple code code that matters. When not writing code he can be found coaching agile teams, speaking at conferences and growing the agile/lean community. He has recently got the lean startup bug and is a mentor for Lean Startup Machine in Toronto and for the REAP entrepreneurial program at the University of Waterloo.


Session History:


This session has been delivered to the Agile Users Group in Waterloo in April 2012. This session has also been a part of multiple client training sessions on Simple Design.


Questions Answered By This Session:


Participants will come away with a deeper appreciation of why Simple Design is important.


Participants will leave this session with a deeper understanding of why names are so important and tools to help improve naming on their projects


Session Leader Name(s) : Declan Whelan

Proposed Duration : between 60 and 90 minutes


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