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Human Driven Software Development

Title: Human Driven Software Development

Sub Title: Unleashing Innovators

Track: Servant Leadership

Detailed Outline:

This is an interactive journey where the participants discover why their own humanness is the key to unlocking innovation in the work they do. It is a guided discovery process that answers: Why do we work in teams? What are the properties and characteristics of team? How do we build a high performing team? What impedes teams from being high performing? What are the results of high performance? How does this relate to software? Why does it matter? Ultimately putting it all together through a facilitated discussion.


The presentation was given at the Intel Developers Conference in Chandler, AZ (Oct 2011) and at a special event for Ericsson in Athlone, Ireland (Nov 2011). Since both events were private to internal developer groups they were recorded, but not released.



Derek Neighbors is a serial entrepreneur who helps people bring ideas to reality. Derek co-founded Gangplank, a collaborative workspace, in 2008 to help encourage local creatives to explore innovative ideas and create what they are passionate about. He is a partner at Integrum Technologies, a consulting services firm, that helps companies build high performing teams to compete in the new economy.




Session Leader Name(s) : Derek Neighbors


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