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Think with your hands! Using Lego to capture user requirements

Session Leader Name(s): Ellen Grove


Duration (30, 60, 90): 60 minutes (though easily extended to 90!)


Audience Level (New/Novice, Experienced, Expert): Anyone


Session Style (Presentation, Workshop, Interview, Panel, Game): Workshop


Description of Session:


Let your hands be the search engine for your brain! LEGO Serious Play is a powerful thinking, communicating and problem solving technique that can help you and your team do serious work through structured play activities using a popular and playful 3D modeling toy. Through a facilitated process of building models that, storytelling and reflection, every person at the table is engaged and actively participating in the discussion, whether the topic is individual aspirations, team relationships, developing a new product or solving a wicked organizational problem. Everyone builds and everyone tells their story – all participants have equal opportunity to put their own points of view on the table, unlocking new perspectives and exposing the answers that are already in the room.


This presentation will provide a hands-on introduction to LEGO Serious Play, so that you can experience firsthand how using LEGO to do real work unleashes creativity and enables meaningful conversations in a very short time. We will explore how to use this playful technique to collaboratively elicit information about user requirements and strategic design issues using the open source User Requirements with Lego methodology developed by a team at the University of Lugano, Switzerland.


Session Leader(s) Background:

Ellen Grove is an Agile coach who helps teams do better work through coaching them to create the circumstances in which they can work most productively and effectively. Her Agile coaching practice is founded in over 10 years experience leading software testing, development and implementation teams in global enterprises, a passion for exploratory software testing and user-centered design, and a background in community organization. She uses team-building and facilitation approaches to support the transition to collaborative Agile work practices at the team, managerial and corporate levels, and has conquered the challenges of extending Scrum roll-outs to off-shore development partners and multi-site project teams. Ellen is a StrategicPlay certified facilitator in Lego Serious Play methods.


Session History:

I've presented intro LSP workshops at Agile Ottawa, Agile Tour Montreal and Agile Coach Camp US 2012. The User Requirements with Lego workshop debuted at capCHI in Jan 2012, and will have be presented at Agile Ottawa in April 2012


Questions Answered By This Session:

How can I use Lego Serious Play to help engage all team members in building a solution to a collective challenge?

How can I help team members share more about their experiences and perspectives in order to help build a more cohesive team?

How can I help customers expose and prioritize what they need from the system we are developing for them?


Session Leader Name(s) : Ellen Grove


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