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The Path to Servant Leadership

Presenter Name: Tom Looy

Duration: 60 Minutes

Audience Level: Experienced

Session Style: Workshop



As leaders grow and emerge within organizations the will inevitably come to a decision point on which model of leadership they will choose. One of those models they may choose is Servant Leadership. The likelihood of them choosing Servant Leadership is based on two factors: the depth of the leader’s value system and the alignment of their organization to a compelling mission statement. The purpose of this workshop is to present this hypothesis, backed up with referenced materials, and solicit experiences from the attendees on their experiences emerging as Servant Leaders. We will also explore how a lack of a compelling mission statement often results in the lack of Servant Leaders within their organizations.


(For additional details on this proposal, please see the Agile 2012 proposal website: http://submit2012.agilealliance.org/node/13430)


Session Leader Background:

Tom Looy is an Agile coach and trainer with BigVisible Solutions focusing primary on long-term (3 to 6 months) embedded Agile coaching. Tom is also is an international speaker at Agile conferences in the US, South America and Europe.


Tom has over 20 years of experience in software development including over 10 years in the Agile community. As an Agile coach, Tom has worked with organizations ranging in size from startups to Fortune 50 companies.


Tom combines his strengths as a teacher and coach with his in-depth understanding of Agile methods, Lean concepts, Theory of Constraints, Servant-Leadership and Systems Thinking to bring a constant focus on increasing throughput of business value and creating learning organizations.


Session History:

This is a new session. I will be presenting this session in the spring in the Agile Coaching Circle and the Silicon Valley ALN prior to presenting at SF Agile 2012.


Questions Answered:

- If, according to Warren Bennis in On Becoming a Leader, leaders are made and not born, is the same true for Servant Leaders?


- What are the factors that go into a leader's decision to choose the Servant Leader model as apposed to other models.


- At what point in the maturing of a leader is the decision to become a Servant Leader made?


- How can we create environments where Servant Leaders can emerge?


Session Leader Name(s) : Tom Looy


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