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Sh*t My Agile Coach Says

Presenter Names: Dave Rooney, willing victims/volunteers from the audience


Duration: 45-60 minutes


Session Style: Presentation/Workshop


Session Description:

In the style of other "Sh*t my [insert role here] Says", we would have our volunteer acting as if the Agile Coach working with them is quite crazy, i.e. the volunteer would be incredulous at the advice coming from his or her Agile Coach.


For example, the volunteer might say, "My Agile Coach is crazy! He told me that we need to ship working software every TWO WEEKS! That's insane!" The presenter and group would then explore why people think a practice or principle is "crazy", why it actually isn't, and how to help people "embrace the insanity".


Session Leader's Background:

Dave Rooney is a veteran Agile Coach with 25 years software development industry experience. He has been involved with Agile since 2000, helping organizations from pre-funding startups to the Fortune 15 improve their software delivery process. Dave a co-founder of the Agile Ottawa Group, and an active writer, speaker and advocate of agile methods. Dave presented The Survival Guide for New Agile Coaches at SFAgile in 2011.


Session History:

None - this is a new session.


Questions that will be answered:

This will be determined mostly by the audience who will suggest the "crazy ideas" that come from the Agile Coach! There will be some suggestions for topics as well to seed the process.


Session Leader Name(s) : Dave Rooney


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