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Lean Startup Thinking

Session Leader Name: David J Bland


Duration: 90 minutes


Audience Level: Experienced


Session Style: Panel


Description of Session: The Lean Startup movement is creating ripples throughout the agile community. While you can decompose Lean Startup into Customer Development + Extreme Programming, it is greater than the sum of its parts.


In this experiential presentation we will speak to how Lean Startup Thinking is changing how we approach organizational change at both the startup and enterprise level.


We will discuss everything from hypothesis at the user story level to Minimum Viable Products to being a catalyst for entrapreneurial thinking.


Session Leader(s) Background: Introduced to agile in 2002, I caught the Lean Startup bug a few years ago when I met Eric Ries in Washington DC. I'm an experienced conference speaker, writer and most importantly practitioner of agile principles. Currently I'm in the Bay Area championing organizational transformations.


Session History: This would be the 1st time I've given this presentation even though I'm active in the Lean Startup and Agile communities with regards to this topic. I could be convinced to change this into a Panel if others share my passion for the conversation.


Panel Members: David J Bland, Mark Cook, Joshua Kerievsky, Steve Blank, William Pietri


Questions Answered By This Session: What is Lean Startup and how can I incorporate it into my existing teams and organizations.


Session Leader Name(s) : David J Bland, Mark Cook, Joshua Kerievsky, Steve Blank, William Pietri


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