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Sh*t My Agile Coach Says

Presenter Names: Dave Rooney, willing victims/volunteers from the audience

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Session Style: Presentation/Workshop

Session Description:

In the style of other "Sh*t my [insert role here] Says", we would have our volunteer acting as if the Agile Coach working with them is quite crazy, i.e. the volunteer would be incredulous at the advice coming from his or her Agile Coach.

For example, the volunteer might say, "My Agile Coach is crazy! He told me that we need to ship working software every TWO WEEKS! That's insane!" The presenter and group would then explore why people think a practice or principle is "crazy", why it actually isn't, and how to help people "embrace the insanity".

Session Leader's Background:

Dave Rooney is a veteran Agile Coach with 25 years software development industry experience. He has been involved with Agile since 2000, helping organizations from pre-funding startups to the Fortune 15 improve their software delivery process. Dave a co-founder of the Agile Ottawa Group, and an active writer, speaker and advocate of agile methods. Dave presented The Survival Guide for New Agile Coaches at SFAgile in 2011.

Session History:

None - this is a new session.

Questions that will be answered:

This will be determined mostly by the audience who will suggest the "crazy ideas" that come from the Agile Coach! There will be some suggestions for topics as well to seed the process.


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Session Leader Name(s): Dave Rooney

Stage: Accepted

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  1. Comment
    ( Moderator )

    I love it! But who exactly is the audience? Don't people who come to the conference already have a basic knowledge of agile and what coaches might say? Or is this for people who want to be coaches and learn the best approach for that?

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      daverooneyca ( Idea Submitter )

      Thanks Lisa!

      I believe anyone from novice to expert can both contribute and take away from this session. It would show novices that some Agile practices such as TDD, fly in the face of what was once common sense. It would help experienced people who are trying to introduce Agile to their organization deal with some of the reluctance to change they will encounter. It will provide a different angle for experienced coaches to use when working with new teams.

      This is intended to be a participative session, with the audience both providing the "crazy sh*t" that the Agile Coach says, and counter-arguments or explanations as to why it's important. While I may initiate the discussion, I would define the session's success as my role becoming that of a moderator rather than just the Crazy Coach. :)


  2. Comment
    Carlton Nettleton
    ( Moderator )

    I give this 7 out of 10 (10 being perfect)

    I like that this is a new talk and we should have new stuff at the conference. I like that Dave is giving the session since I know Dave personally and can vouch for him being a interesting and dynamic speaker. He can definitely challenge people in their orthodox - myself included!!

    What would have made it perfect is an outline of how he plans to lead this session. I understand that it is new and I would like to see how Dave plans to use the 45-60 minutes he is asking for. Is it just going to be Dave, a stool and microphone (that could be very entertaining) or something else? Please send some details.

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    1. Comment
      daverooneyca ( Idea Submitter )

      @carleton - Thanks for the kind words and the detailed review! "...challenge people in their orthodox...", is that a polite way of saying "Sh*t Disturber"? :)

      Since this session is brand new, I'm open to different ways of running it. My vision is that people in the audience would be very active participants and my role would be that of seeding the conversation and then moderating it once the attendees begin to provide their own 'crazy' ideas and their own explanations behind them. Is that any more clear?

  3. Comment

    This should be a lot of fun, although shouldn't it be Sh*t My CSM Says??


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    1. Comment
      daverooneyca ( Idea Submitter )

      @david - I might have said CST, but... :) Seriously, though, a lot of what I talk about with respect to Agile Coaching applies to the coaching function of a ScrumMaster. So, there may be legitimate things that a ScrumMaster says that sound crazy from the perspective of a team who is brand new to any flavour of Agile.

  4. Comment
    Alexei Zheglov

    Is there any way to work "occupy the team room" into the title - to make it totally trendy?

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