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Lean Startup Thinking

Session Leader Name: David J Bland

Duration: 90 minutes

Audience Level: Experienced

Session Style: Panel

Description of Session: The Lean Startup movement is creating ripples throughout the agile community. While you can decompose Lean Startup into Customer Development + Extreme Programming, it is greater than the sum of its parts.

In this experiential presentation we will speak to how Lean Startup Thinking is changing how we approach organizational change at both the startup and enterprise level.

We will discuss everything from hypothesis at the user story level to Minimum Viable Products to being a catalyst for entrapreneurial thinking.

Session Leader(s) Background: Introduced to agile in 2002, I caught the Lean Startup bug a few years ago when I met Eric Ries in Washington DC. I'm an experienced conference speaker, writer and most importantly practitioner of agile principles. Currently I'm in the Bay Area championing organizational transformations.

Session History: This would be the 1st time I've given this presentation even though I'm active in the Lean Startup and Agile communities with regards to this topic. I could be convinced to change this into a Panel if others share my passion for the conversation.

Panel Members: David J Bland, Mark Cook, Joshua Kerievsky, Steve Blank, William Pietri

Questions Answered By This Session: What is Lean Startup and how can I incorporate it into my existing teams and organizations.


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Session Leader Name(s): David J Bland, Mark Cook, Joshua Kerievsky, Steve Blank, William Pietri

Stage: Accepted

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  1. Comment
    ( Moderator )

    I'd be interested in this since I don't know a lot about Lean Startup.

    You mention this is "experiential", in what way?

  2. Comment
    david ( Idea Submitter )

    In that I've tried it at both startup & enterprise to augment traditional agile adoptions. Basically I'm not just throwing theory around :)

  3. Comment

    I'd like to see this session. Eric's talk last year was inspirational, but I'd like to hear some more "war stories" from someone without a book. ;)

  4. Comment
    Matt Barcomb

    This sounds good. I'm particularly interested in the application of Lean Startup as an internal enterprise disruptor...getting folks to think more entrepreneurial /inside the enterprise.

    I'm also interested in learning about Lean Startup being "more than the sum of its parts" because even after reading the book and multiple articles on the topic I'm drawing short on how the concept is not just a entrepreneurial/customer focused brand of Deming's PDCA cycle :)

  5. Comment
    david ( Idea Submitter )

    I'm open to making it a panel if you feel it woud be a stronger session with multiple points of view.

  6. Comment
    Carlton Nettleton
    ( Moderator )

    IMO, panels are definitely more interesting for the audience members and with SF being a hotbed for a lot of Lean Startup activities perhaps finding additional PRACTITIONERS would be plausible.

    I also suggest that you spend sometime thinking about how you will facilitate the audience participation and give us some insight on what it might look like. What I am looking for is how you will find the high value questions that can leverage the panel's experience and keep the entire audience interested. What I am hoping to avoid is audience members seeking free consulting on their very specific problem.

  7. Comment
    david ( Idea Submitter )

    Great advice.

    Ted Young has offered to moderate it and I'm currently vetting more practitioners who would like to participate.

  8. Comment

    I would love to be on a panel on this, Ive been reading and watching all the lean startup stuff out there over the past few months and will be starting my own "disruptive" lean company very soon - starting with a bit of live validation experiments! Good topic for the Agile community to also discuss openly and em-bracingly.

  9. Comment

    I agree - a panel would be great. I've been involved in a few panels and have used a few methods to 'find the high value questions'. I would suggest something like:

    1) Each panelist gives a 2 min. intro to their lean startup experience. (Does the audience also need an intro to lean startup?)

    2) Moderator asks for questions from the audience (10-15). Depending on the size of the group, this can be done by asking for 'hands' or by submitting questions by index card.

    3) The moderator reads each question and asks the audience to vote by a show of hands to see how many people are interested in hearing the response. The moderator then sorts the questions in order of priority based on the # of hands raised for each question.

    4) The panel then answers each question in order of priority based on the audience interest with a time box of 7-10 minutes for each question. Obviously we won't get through every question, but we will answer the ones the audience is most interested in.


    - I've also had minute takers take notes live and on screen during the panel. The notes can then be published immediately after the session.

    - The panel can decide if they want to 'seed' any questions based on their own expertise and experience.

    This format has worked well in the past for me - it might give you some ideas for this panel. If I attend I'll volunteer to help in any way I can.

  10. Comment
    ( Moderator )

    This has the meeting of a great panel. There is a lot of curiosity about Lean Startup and how to incorporate into existing Agile practices. My question is: Would 45 minutes adequate for a satisfying attendee engagement. I ask because I think as you are vetting and inviting more panelist, perhaps we should consider about the duration?

  11. Comment
    david ( Idea Submitter )

    Finalized panel & extended it to 90 minutes.

    If you look at the list, you'll understand why...


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  12. Comment
    david ( Idea Submitter )


    The panel includes: Myself, Steve Blank, Joshua Kerievsky, Mark Cook, William Pietri

  13. Comment

    I think lean startup will be teh topic for this conference. Bring it on!

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