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Avoiding silos in your whole-team kanban.

Session Leader Name: Adam Yuret

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience Level: Experienced

Session Style: Presentation\Discussion

Description of Session: Adopting Kanban as a team can result in many benefits. But once we begin creating swim-lanes through which work passes we introduce a risk of enforcing functional silos. When "done" means "Coded and ready for the QA team" you can inadvertently create an overloaded bottleneck that can only produce rework and chaos. I'd like to discuss some team principles to foster in an effort to avoid this perception and even ideas for how to structure your value stream to represent a shared-responsibility for delivering awesomeness to your customers.

Session History: I presented this discussion for the 1st time at Agile Open NorthWest and doing so taught me more about the subject than I could have learned in any other way. I am excited to share the lessons those thoughtful participants helped me learn with a broader audience.

Questions Answered By This Session: How can I use Kanban to improve alignment and collaboration across an agile development team.


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Session Leader Name(s): Adam Yuret

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  1. Comment
    ( Moderator )

    This is one of my favorite topics, and I like the Kanban slant. It's kinda similar to mine and Matt Barcomb's submission, maybe we ought to all join forces!

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    1. Comment
      adam.yuret ( Idea Submitter )

      I'm all for joining forces, let's chat about it as we get closer. :-)

  2. Comment

    I'd attend this... seen this issue in teams using Kanban and those using Scrum!

  3. Comment

    One of my fears is that we recreate org charts as Kanban boards in the Enterprise.

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    1. Comment
      adam.yuret ( Idea Submitter )

      Totally, just because you put it on the wall, does not mean you get the benefits of a kanban. Which is what I hope to talk about. Even if you WIP limit your devs, what happens when they *push* work into the "Ready for QA" column? I don't know many orgs with more testers than devs and testing is a challenging intellectual process that is not "less than" in which case we're overloading that shared testing resource and the increased throughput that WIP limiting will foster in that dev team will be a curse to that QA team. :-)

  4. Comment
    Carlton Nettleton
    ( Moderator )

    I give this session a 6 out of 10 (10 being perfect)

    I like that you have given this session before and identified that you learned new things. I like that it is 45 minutes. I like the thou identified a key weakness to Kanban and are brining your practitioner's experience to help solve the problem.

    What would make it perfect is if you could describe the new things you learned at Agile Open NW in your proposal. I would also like to see a bit more on the mechanics of what is going to happen during the talk.

  5. Comment

    Great topic! I agree with Carlton that more details that will make the experience awesome for attendees.

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