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An Agile Cocktail; 1 part scrum 2 parts lean

3 teams, 2 processes, 1 SaaS application. We've got 3 product managers working side by side by side, (we call this Pair PM-ing) shipping major releases that push our strategic architectural evolutions forward using Scrum based planning, while simultaneously flowing value and quality into the hands of customers with 2 backlogs flowing with lean/kanban style approaches.

We'll talk about whether this real life (it's happening now) example is a sustainable model for success or just an Agile mixologist who's 3 sheets to the wind.

Session Leader Name(s):

Scott Gilbert

Duration: 60 minutes (but probably more like 45)

Audience Level: People should be Experienced having successfully shipped software either Lean and Scrum, but ideally both. They should be familiar with the basic concepts associated with each for a fast and effective conversation.

Session Style: I call it a chalk talk, others would call it a whiteboard/ flipchart open session. Basic format is that I'll give a quick pitch (with a picture of our model) that outlines what we are working on and trying to achieve. Then I'll explain why, how it it's going so far and what the issues I see might be. Then I'll open it up to questions and conversations.

Session Leader(s) Background:

My name is Scott Gilbert. I joined the Agile community back in 2003 when I first met Luke Hohmann (of Innovation Games fame). In 2004 he and I founded Enthiosys the leading Agile Product Management consulting firm. I spent ~6 years helping product management organizations adopt Agile practices to better coordinate with and compliment those being adopted by their engineering colleagues. During this time my colleagues and I were responsible for creating the first Product Mgt Track at the Agile 2009 conference, I was the track co-chair in 2010 and our crew also invented P-camp now known as Product Camp the biggest unconference for Product people in the world now in it's 5th year.

I've given talks at Bay APLN, Product Camps, Agile 200X, SDFourm and for interesting companies big and small. I've taught or taken scrum master and product owner classes with people like Gabby Benefield, Aaron Sanders, Jeff Patton, Stacia Broderick, Allan Shalloway, Mike Cohn and many others.

Having stepped out of the Agile community 2 years ago, I went back into the software trenches as a Product Manager and have launched to new SaaS offering in that time. Now, as a practitioner I'm looking to push into new areas of Agility to see what's possible and that's what this open session is all about.

Session History:

This session has no history. It's a brand new idea that I'm exploring.

Questions Answered By This Session:

I don't intend to answer questions but rather will be asking questions and hoping others ask me some too. This is an exploration of an idea that is partially implemented in a real company.


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Session Leader Name(s): Scott Gilbert

Proposed Duration: between 30 and 60 minutes

Stage: Accepted

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  1. Comment
    Carlton Nettleton
    ( Moderator )

    I give this session a 3 out of 10 (10 being perfect)

    I like the catchy title and I like that you are saying to be successful you need to combine things. I like that this is within the 60 minute timebox.

    What would make this perfect is a your bio and what experience you have that prepares you to talk on this topic. Also, I would like to see description of your learning objective and how you plan for your audience to remember what you shared with them after they leave the room.

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    1. Comment
      scott.gilbert ( Idea Submitter )

      I've added some more details per your suggestion. As this is more of an open session that I'll lead with a premise/real life example that I'm working on in my company today, I don't have so much have a learning objective as an experience objective...which is to describe something that I've not yet heard being tried.

      Let me know what you think and what else I can add/change to improve this submission. Thanks for feedback.

  2. Comment
    ( Moderator )

    I don't know what a "chalk talk" is, exactly, though I have heard of it. My impression was it is something that would be done more informally, as in an open space. Could you please provide more details, as requested by http://sfagilecon.org/walkthrough?

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    1. Comment
      scott.gilbert ( Idea Submitter )

      chalk talk is an old school term...for fun below is a blurb from good ol' wikipedia. yes it is an informal talk intended to be a discussion among active practitioners who like me are experimenting with new ideas and organizational patterns within the Agile family of practices.

      As I asked of Carlton, please let me know if the additional details are helpful and what else I can add/change to improve it. Thanks for the feedback.

      A performer used chalk on a blackboard to make changes in a drawing while delivering a monologue. Some performers would do caricatures of audience members. The term also was used to describe an act done with crayons. The term became ingrained in the language to the extent that a performance using markers and a sketch pad is still known today as a chalk talk.

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